Britmindo - Project Description

Year/Month Client Description
Apr, 2014 PT Anugrah Prima Coalindo Coal Reconnaissance Survey Phase 1 Mapping
Date: Apr 10, 2014
Apr, 2014 Gegah Optima Resources Sdn Bhd (Tutoh) Coal Reconnaissance Survey
Date: Apr 8, 2014
Apr, 2014 Integra Group Resources and Potential Mineable Estimation Report
Date: Apr 1, 2014
Mar, 2014 PT Bahari Cakrawala Sebuku Layanan Dukungan Engineering Design, Konstruksi & Instalasi Penggantian Pan Feeder
Date: Mar 24, 2014
Mar, 2014 Sumitomo Corporation A Coal Blend Study
Date: Mar 17, 2014
Mar, 2014 White Energy Comp. Technical Due Dilligence
Date: Mar 5, 2014
Feb, 2014 PT Samakta Nusaphala Development of Plant Maintenance Management Proposal
Date: Feb 27, 2014
Feb, 2014 Arch Coal Inc. Review of Coal Concessions on Upper Reaches, Purposes of Potential Utilisation of an Intermediate Stockpile Facility
Date: Feb 7, 2014
Feb, 2014 PT Sojitz Indonesia JORC Resources and Reserves Report Review
Date: Feb 7, 2014
Feb, 2014 PT Berau Usaha Mandiri Mine Management
Date: Feb 4, 2014
Feb, 2014 PT Samakta Nusaphala Plant Maintenance Support Services
Date: Feb 3, 2014
Jan, 2014 PT Titan Wijaya Technical Support for Mine Expansion Programme
Date: Jan 27, 2014
Jan, 2014 Trafigura South Sumatera Overland Transportation Cost Review
Date: Jan 10, 2014
Jan, 2014 PT Maju Bersama Terus Mine Contractor Management
Date: Jan 8, 2014
Jan, 2014 PT Mitrada Selaras JORC 2012 Resources and Reserves
Date: Jan 6, 2014
Dec, 2013 PT Maju Bersama Terus Coal Mine Development Mine Contractor Management
Date: Dec 19, 2013
Nov, 2013 PT Karya Ventura Recruitment Services
Date: Nov 1, 2013
Nov, 2013 PT Aragon Tambang Pratama Pre-production Study for Development of a Stone Quarry
Date: Nov 26, 2013
Nov, 2013 PT Karya Ventura Desktop Review of Coal Concession
Date: Nov 27, 2013
Nov, 2013 Sojitz Technical Assessment

PTBA preparing for 60m tons coal production

An IDX-listed coal mining and energy company PT Bukit Asam Tbk or PTBA is preparing for coal production increase up to 60 million tons per year by 2023. The state-owned company is developing a number