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Clarification of the Selection & Recruitment Process on behalf of Britmindo Group   

In relation to the amount of information circulating lately related to false selection and recruitment process on behalf of Britmindo Group conducted by some irresponsible people, therefore we need to inform and reiterate the following points:
  1. In conducting the employment recruitment process, Britmindo Group never asks for rewards in the form of money nor in any form to the candidates who were shortlisted / elected.
    All sort of arrangement and cost of transportation, accommodation and others are under Britmindo Group’s responsibility.
  2. In conducting the employment recruitment process, Britmindo Group have never done any form of cooperation with company or any institution that require elected candidates to pay or transfer money or any other form of remuneration.
  3. In the event of receiving information related to this that is conveyed in the form of SMS, Email, Telephone or other communication is an attempt of fraud from some irresponsible people.
  4. Any information in regards to the employment recruitment process will be informed and conducted directly by Britmindo Group HRD Jakarta Head Office or Branch Offices.
  5. For any inquiry regarding to recruitment, tests, results, etc; please contact the following:
    • Britmindo Group phone number: +6221 7884 9999 (Ms. Desti / Mr. Tri Raharjo)
    • Email: /
Thank you for your kind attention and cooperation.

Human Resource
Britmindo Group